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If the Office Assistant is not displayed on the screen, you can take the following steps to display it: 1.n Move the mouse pointer over Microsoft Excel . 2.j Right click. 3.m Move the mouse pointer to the Windows Explorer component. 4.n Create a new window to display the assistant. 5.n Select blocks for the helper. 6.n Click the OK button. 7.e Contact an Office Implementation and Customization Specialist to customize the interface for the Office Assistant.
If the Office Assistant appears, but the Windows Explorer it was using does not open, you can also try: 1 Double-click the Excel row below the menu bar. 2.n Open the "Start" menu and go to the "Control Panel" section. 3.z Run a Microsoft search and open the /Windows folder. 4 A pop-up menu to search for Microsoft Office. 5 Use the list of programs using the "Gunshot letter". 6 Use "Search Keys" to search for the program. 7 Connect to OCR services to speed up search results.Use Office controls to view and print Word documents
Adding a Toolbar to a Word Document
Figure 47. Adding toolbars to Word documents
Creating New Toolbar Dialogs
Using Toolbar Dialogs in Word Documents
Using controls in documents
Rice. 48. Using elements in documents arranged in horizontal and vertical directions
Creating an extension using the Workshop feature
Creating a new document by calling
Create a Word Document Using Other Custom Applications
Processing the result of pasting multiple Word documents and creating new Word documents from those documents
Create a master Word document and subdocuments
Drawing circles in a Word document
Combining multiple WORD documents
Creating a new toolbar and adding new ones
Copying a Selected Command Command
Selecting multiple labels in a document
Changing the shortcut on the toolbar using the context menu
Search by document, open book and paper contained in it
Search in document title
Search using search by name in a WOR document
Restoring the current date and time in a document (calendar)
Create a calendar and sub-calendars from multiple documents
Managing Word Calendar Usage
System for monitoring the use of office applications in an organization
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